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DeMarcus Cousins ejected after elbowing Mike Dunleavy

After a low box-out by Mike Dunleavy had him fuming, DeMarcus Cousins lost his cool, throwing a deliberate elbow at the back of Dunleavy's head.


The third quarter in Sacramento has gotten a little testy. After Mike Dunleavy delivered a hard shot to Cousins' lower body on a defensive box-out, Cousins had to be restrained by his teammates while he had clear words with Dunleavy. While no foul was called on that possession, Cousins clearly had no intention of letting the incident go without response, and both players were issued technicals, presumably to head off another incident later in the game.

As it turns out, "later in the game" was on the very next possession. After Dunleavy was caught on a Cousins screen, the combustible big man deliberately swung an elbow that connected with the back of Dunleavy's head. Officials immediately whistled Cousins for the foul, and a short video review yielded a flagrant-2 call on Cousins and automatic ejection. Cousins had a game-high 24 points and 10 rebounds in 28 minutes at the time of his ejection.

Dunleavy went 1-of-2 on the flagrant free throws, much to delight of a fiery Sacramento crowd, but got his real revenge on Milwaukee's subsequent possession, drilling a 3 to extend Milwaukee's lead to 13. That lead didn't last long, however, as the Kings finished the quarter on a 13-5 run to trim the Bucks' advantage to 5 to begin the 4th quarter.