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VIDEO: Larry Sanders ejected vs. Wizards

Frustrated with an offensive foul call in the final minute of the Bucks' 106-93 loss in Washington, Larry Sanders showed off his famously short fuse with a series of thumbs up to each of the game officials, earning himself a double-technical and an early trip to the showers.

Another entertaining night at the office for Larry Sanders in Washington, as he capped off a 17-point, 11-rebound effort with his third ejection of the season. This time he did it in style, separately giving each of the three game officials a thumbs up before accepting his technicals and walking off the court with 2:45 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Bucks trailing by 14 points.

While you never like to see your most valuable player ejected--particularly given Sanders' habitual issues controlling his on-court emotions--this one thankfully came after the game was over and at a minimum offered something to laugh about...well, something other than the Bucks' inability to play defense in the fourth quarter.

The charge call that sparked Sanders' reaction didn't look like a particularly bad call, though the Bucks likely felt rather frustrated by both the officiating (no free throw attempts in the first half) and their own play, as Milwaukee erased a 20-point deficit only to fall apart in the fourth quarter. It's also worth noting that Sanders didn't seem to have much to complain about individually up to that point; the officials had whistled him for just two fouls leading up to the charge call that preceded his ejection, and there were at least a couple defensive no-calls that went Sanders' way earlier in the game.