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Tobias Harris trade talk: Podcast roundtable breaking down the Bucks' big decision

Tobias Harris has been lighting up opponents and filling up box scores since joining the Orlando Magic. Did John Hammond and the Milwaukee Bucks make a mistake, or are there some finer points that turn the trade into a murkier situation? We evaluate the entire situation in podcast form.

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Tobias Harris has claimed a central role on the Orlando Magic since John Hammond shipped him out in a deadline trade for J.J. Redick. One look at the raw production from Harris on the Magic is enough to cause any Bucks fan's blood pressure to rise. Hammond and the Bucks haven't definitively been burned by the trade -- it's only been a week and Redick is working out quite well in Milwaukee -- but the flame has clearly been lit and some people are feeling the heat.

Last week I wrote an article where I presented the context of Harris' early outbursts to help Bucks fans feel a bit better about the present situation. Then, on the same night, Harris scored a career-high 27 points on 11-15 shooting, grabbed 10 rebounds and stole the show for all meaningful 31 minutes he played in a loss to the Rockets. BECAUSE OF COURSE HE DID.

So let's try this again. There are plenty of contextual factors that we need to consider when evaluating this transaction. Was Hammond correct to give up Harris instead of a prospect like John Henson or a future first-round pick in the NBA Draft? Is Harris a true small forward that can fit into a role on a structured team with talent at all positions? Can Harris work well when offense isn't run directly through him? Is a SF who can't shoot threes a viable starter in the league, considering the recent trends in offensive shot allocation?

Dan Sinclair and Jake McCormick joined me for a podcast discussion on the entire situation. Enjoy.

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