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NBA Playoffs: Bucks vs. Heat schedule, predictions and preview podcast

The Bucks are the underdog in their opening round 2013 NBA playoff series against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. We open up and discuss what to expect when the games start on Sunday.


Game 1 of the first round 2013 NBA playoff series between the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat is set for Sunday, April 21, and to get you prepared for the series we are here with the full schedule, a look at some predictions and a preview podcast. I presented a full-form preview on Thursday, and here's a small chunk from that story in case you missed it:

For all of the "The Bucks will win if..." banter you will find elsewhere over the next week, this series isn't about the Bucks. Of the 256 teams that have qualified for the postseason in the last 16 seasons, the 38-win Bucks finished with the fourth-worst record in that group. LeBron and the Heat picked up 71 percent of Milwaukee's total wins in a single (phenomenal) winning streak! The Bucks lost 14 of their final 20 games to limp into the playoffs. The Heat lost 16 games the entire year. Even the playoff series hip-hop theme song I wrote and recorded gave the Bucks no shot to win. But don't tune out just yet.

Despite everything stated above, the matchup carries some intrigue. Why? Because it's a clash between the impossible expectations carried by a super team and the preposterous odds of upset for a hapless group of misfits. I would never plop down $10,000 at a roulette table in Vegas and bet it all on Red 3 (hint: this is a secret Brandon Jennings reference), but if you know someone who wants to do that I'd be more than happy to show up and see what happens

The predictions from experts around the NBA basically follow suit with my vibe. Here's a quick roundup:

  • NBC Pro Basketball Talk: "If the league allowed a series to end in three games, this would be the perfect candidate. Since that's not an option, Heat will sweep in four."
  • ESPN: All 10 experts on the panel pick the Heat to prevail, and eight of 10 say it will be a sweep.
  • CBS: Matt Moore, Zach Harper and Royce Young all peg the Heat to advance. Moore (@HPBasketball) surprisingly picked the Bucks to take Miami to six games!

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Series Schedule, TV Info and Tip Times

Game No. Date Time TV Local TV
Game 1 Sunday, April 21 6 p.m. CT TNT FSN-WI
Game 2 Tuesday, April 23 6:30 p.m. CT NBA TV FSN-WI
Game 3 Thursday, April 25 6 p.m. CT TNT FSN-WI
Game 4 Sunday, April 28 2:30 p.m. CT ABC N/A
Game 5 Tuesday, April 30 TBD TBD FSN-WI
Game 6 Thursday, May 2 TBD TBD FSN-WI
Game 7 Saturday, May 4 TBD TBD FSN-WI