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Glen Rice Jr. and Tony Snell battle on day one of draft workouts

The Bucks kicked off their 2013 draft workout schedule on Tuesday at the Cousins Center, with talented swingmen Glen Rice Jr. and Tony Snell headlining a group of six.


Bored with the drudgery of the coaching search yet? Fear not: draft workout season has finally begun, friends. As expected, potential first rounder Glen Rice Jr. (DX #26) headlined today's first workout at the Cousins Center, with New Mexico swingman Tony Snell (DX #37), Syracuse forward James Southerland (DX #82), Marquette guard Junior Cadougan (unranked by DX) the other notables in attendance.

Over at, Jim Paschke has video interviews from today and also brings word that the Bucks will be attending the Brooklyn (May 22-23) and Minnesota group workouts before returning to Milwaukee next week. You can click through some pictures from today's action at as well.

Billy McKinney spoke to the media afterwards, so feel free to read as much (remember him gushing over John Henson last year?) or as little (remember him calling Larry Sanders a reach in 2010?) into these quotes as you want. Andrew Gruman at FS Wisconsin reports:

"I watched one of the (finals) games and he was very good," McKinney said. "Playing in the D-League, I think out of all the draft players this year he might be the most ready to play in the NBA because of his experience playing with a lot of former NBA players.

"He shoots the ball really well. He has are a really good feel for the game. He has a nice all-around game. He does a nice job on defense, as well."

On Snell:

"I think he's one of the most talented and gifted players in this draft," McKinney said. "His performances were up and down. Most young players will have that issue, but in terms of talent, I've watched him since he was a freshman and thought he was a guy who has been our radar for quite some time.

"His game set, actually his physique reminds me of former NBA player Darius Miles. Darius was a very talented player, a lottery pick, but Tony shoots the ball much better than Darius. I think he's one of those guys who can go somewhere in the first round, he might slip into the second round. His workouts will be very critical to where he gets drafted."

Basically: Snell has a lean build and cornrows.

More to come later tonight.