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Larry Sanders earns USA Select team invite, NBA draft season rolls on

A year ago Larry Sanders' iffy showing during the Vegas summer league had many asking if he was ever going to figure it out. This summer, he'll be back in Vegas--but this time showcasing his talents at the Team USA Select camp.


Sanders earns trip to Team USA Vegas camp
He may have been overlooked in the Most Improved and Defensive Player of the Year voting and outright screwed in the all-defensive balloting, but Larry Sanders hasn't been completely overlooked.

The Team USA Select camp runs from July 22-25 in Vegas, but it bears repeating that there's a big difference between going to the Select camp and making the real Team USA. Example: last year's Select team included DeJuan Blair and Taj Gibson. Nice players, sure, but not guys who feel very...Olympic. So while we probably shouldn't expect Larry to be with Team USA at the 2014 World Cup in Spain or 2016 Olympics in Rio, it's still nice recognition for the Bucks' MVP and a complete 180 from his disappointing performance the last time he was in Vegas.

Sanders' selection marks the first time a Buck has been involved in the Team USA camp since Michael Redd was a bit player in the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal squad, though Brandon Jennings did make headlines back in 2010 when he complained that his exclusion from the roster was linked to his Under Armour endorsement not going over well with the Nike demigods who supposedly run USA Basketball. Whatever. Jennings not surprisingly looks to have missed out once again, with Marc Stein reporting that Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson, John Wall, Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson, Chandler Parsons and Kawhi Leonard are among the others to earn an invite. More draft coverage
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