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Report: Milwaukee Bucks Hire Larry Drew As Head Coach

The Milwaukee Bucks have hired Larry Drew as their head coach. Discuss.

Andy Lyons

According to Adrian Wojnarowski (or, more accurately, GM John Hammond), Larry Drew will be the 13th coach in Milwaukee Bucks history.

Coaching the Atlanta Hawks to three playoff appearances in three seasons, Drew compiled a 128-102 record (.557), winning 44, 40 (in 66 games), and 44 games respectively, and a 10-14 (.417) record in the postseason. The Hawks finished as the fifth, sixth, and sixth seed over that span, and reached the Eastern Conference Semifinals once (2010-11).

Drew's teams averaged a 105.3 offensive rating and a 104.2 defensive rating from 2010-2013. For what it's worth, in the last three years, the Bucks averaged a 103.6 offensive rating and 104.3 defensive rating, and they did not feature a team built around Al Horford, Josh Smith, or Jeff Teague.

The previous 106 words should scream "Milwaukee Bucks" to anyone who has paid attention to the organization over the past decade.

For many, the final showdown between Kelvin Sampson and Larry Drew represented a choice between two clear paths. Choose Sampson, and you're going for the promise of the flashy unknown, something that rarely describes the Bucks' management and personnel decisions. Choose Drew, and go for the known good-not-great coach that represents very little about a "new" direction for the franchise.

Drew certainly isn't a bad coach, but a fan base starved for hope doesn't want to read a resume like Drew's.We'll have quite a lot more reaction on this soon.

UPDATE: The Bucks have issued an official press release confirming the hiring.

"We are pleased to reach an agreement with Larry Drew to become head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks," said Hammond. "After a thorough search and interview process, it was clear to us that Larry's track record in Atlanta, along with his experience as an assistant coach and player, make him the right choice to lead our club. We look forward to what he will bring to this franchise and we welcome him and his family to Milwaukee."