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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Grew Numb To Arena Anthems

I've been covering the Milwaukee Bucks for four years and at least 100 games, so I've heard pretty much every arena anthem. And it's driving me insane.

Scott Boehm

There are popular songs, and there are songs that, when you hear them, you curse your chosen deity knowing it'll rebound off your ear drums at every Milwaukee Bucks game you attend for the next century.

In general, I'm not "down with" the "in-game experience" extras sprinkled on top of the sporting event itself. Except the Baby Races; those are sublime. Unless the mix tape is Jock Jams or something else that age has morphed into a parody, I'm perfectly fine sitting in silence or chatting with a neighbor during in-game breaks.

However, we live in a real world (as far as I know), so the music beats on nightly in the BMO Harris Bradley Center and, subsequently, my self-righteously cultured mind. If you haven't been to a Bucks game in a while, and plan on going to see Larry Sanders and company next season, (SPOILER ALERT) here's a quick taste of the noise that'll reverberate off the BC walls:

1. Lots Of Black Eyed Peas
I've never eaten black eyed peas. I don't know if they make a sound when they are being cooked. But I'm sure it sounds better than "I've Got A Feeling," "Let's Get It Started," and the other 30 Black Eyed Peas songs I can't name, but know when I hear them.

2. Gangnam Style - Psy
The newest addition to the Bradley Center mix tape, Gangnam Style is accompanied by a crowd cam encouraging beer and cheese-soaked patrons to remove themselves from a sitting position and attempt a dance that history will call "The Macarena Of The 2010s."

3. Don't Stop Believing - Journey
This endearing stadium anthem only makes an appearance when the Bucks are getting slaughtered, or if the team has a chance at tying/winning with the last shot. There is no middle ground.

4. Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles
Along with the sprinkling pixie dust sound after a made Bucks free throw, I'm good with this one, exclusive to when an opposing player fouls out. Both are kind of boiler plate, but aren't all arena songs?

5. Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer
This one rears its lovable Euro-indie folk head during the Kiss Cam, which apparently gets the loudest cheer when it features octogenarians. They could very well be swingers or on their first date or completely resentful of each other after half a century together, but whatever. If I've learned anything, it's that people love old people.

6. All I Do Is Win - DJ Khaled
This one is also not exclusive to the Bucks, but its use is fairly ironic, given recent history. I'm also not sure why keeping my hands up in the air for a prolonged period of time indicates my predilection for victory, but to each his own.

7. Those Two LMFAO Songs
A couple months ago, I was stupid enough to partially rupture my eardrum with a Q-tip, barely a day after making fun of people dumb enough to do something so obviously preventable. The result was pain, ringing, and forced insertion of wax before stepping into the shower for the next month. I'd still take that regrettable, embarrassing experience over listening to LMFAO.

8. Lots Of Other Songs I Can't Remember Because I'm A Pretentious Music Snob That Doesn't Know A Lot About "Popular Music"
It's true. I want you to get off my lawn now. Or add any songs I missed in the comments. I'm sure there are tons.