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2013 NBA Draft Podcast, Pt. 1: Opinions on Len, Noel, Oladipo, Burke, McLemore, Bennett and Porter

The 2013 NBA Draft is almost here, and we have put together a three-part podcast to get you acquainted with the top prospects. In Part 1, we offer up our opinions on the top seven players, including Alex Len, Ben McLemore and Victor Oladipo.

Tom Pennington

To get you ready for the 2013 NBA Draft on Thursday night, we've recorded a special three-part podcast with prospect previews for all the relevant players at the top of the draft board. Although the Milwaukee Bucks aren't slated to select until No. 15 overall, we've set out to describe the landscape and give you a better feel for what type of talent is available.

In Part 1, we discuss the future potential of the top eight players on the Draft Express top-100 big board: Alex Len, Nerlens Noel, Victor Oladipo, Trey Burke, Ben McLemore, Anthony Bennett and Otto Porter. If the admittedly wild rumor about the Bucks possibly trading up to the No. 3 spot got you a bit excited, this is the group of prospects John Hammond would then be targeting.

Whether you need a crash course on the draft or you just want some extra coverage with a hint of Bucks flair, check out our latest podcast episode.

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