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Bucks interested in Kidd-Gilchrist? Sure, why not?

With the draft just two days away, the Bucks got up close and personal with Allen Crabbe and Glen Rice Jr. (again), while fresh rumors circulated that the #2 overall pick from last year may be available.

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USA TODAY Sports Michael Kidd-Gilchrist being being shopped by Bobcats
I don't understand why the mere possibility of drafting Otto Porter would make Michael Kidd-Gilchrist suddenly expendable, but maybe he is. And maybe this is why the Bobcats are always terrible?

Anyway, the story Tuesday afternoon went that the Bobs may be testing the market for the #2 pick in last year's draft, and the Bucks are (quite logically) among the teams interested. No faulting the Bucks for that; while MKG may not have been a revelation last year, he's still just 19 years old and has all the tools to be a Gerald Wallace-like wing defender and scorer (and maybe more). Which is also why it's probably not surprising that Bobcats sources were denying MKG's availability just a couple hours later. To which Sheridan responded, No seriously he is available.

Even if MKG was available, I'm not really sure who the Bucks could package together to make a compelling offer. John Henson and the 15th pick? Larry Sanders? No one likes seeing those guys' names in trade scenarios, but I'm guessing that's the kind of deal you'd likely need to make the Bobs take notice.

ESPN | Sources: Cavs, Bucks like Pierce
ESPN's Marc Stein served up some confirmation today of the obvious sticking point in the Paul Pierce-to-Milwaukee deal we discussed yesterday: the Celtics don't want to maroon him in Milwaukee. I know that might seem harsh, but...well, we all can understand that the Brew City isn't anywhere near the top of Pierce's preferred destinations, right?

The Celtics do remain hopeful of acquiring a first-round pick for Pierce this week in conjunction with Thursday's draft. But sources said the Celtics have shown an inclination to try to work with Pierce to get him to a favorable destination -- which essentially translates to a contending team -- if they indeed decide to trade him by week's end. The team faces a June 30 deadline to either pick up Pierce’s $15.3 million option for next season or buy him out for $5 million.

FS Wisconsin: Gustavo Ayon and Allen Crabbe in town working out
For the second time in as many days the Bucks worked out an injured shooting guard--and it turns out this one can really shoot. In his first workout since aggravating a foot injury two weeks ago, Cal guard Allen Crabbe (DX #28) went through light drills today while another group of six featuring Glen Rice Jr. was also in town for a more standard group workout. Jim Paschke has more on Crabbe's visit.

Once considered a possible mid-first rounder, Crabbe has slipped a bit over the past month and is now more likely to slip into the latter half of the first round. Still, the Pac-12 player of the year did nothing but help himself by returning for his junior season, mainly because he stopped having fun. Take note, kids:

"Just working on things in the offseason that I wasn't too good at," Crabbe said. "I came into the season feeling confident about myself. I stayed up (at Cal) the whole summer and didn't come home to have fun or anything. I just stayed up there and focused on getting better.

"If I wanted to make the leap after my junior year, I had to sacrifice having fun. I just stayed up there and really worked on my game and body. I feel like it has worked."

While Crabbe's three point shooting slumped a bit last season as defenses focused their efforts on containing him, he showed he could be a go-to scorer at the collegiate level and he brings a nice mix of length (6'11" wingspan) and fluid athleticism to the table. He's also a bit unique from fellow guards Jamaal Franklin and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in that his game relies more heavily on catch-and-shoots. Via DX:

Cal shooter Allen Crabbe doesn't really stand out either, generally speaking, as his 0.97 PPP overall equals the sample average, but he has some unique quirks to his game. Using 4.6 possessions per-game coming off screens, nearly double the second highest usage threat in that playtype, Crabbe made 44.1% of his catch and shoot jump shots last season, good for second in this group and a reflection of how his role aligned with his consistent perimeter stroke. Operating less frequently and turning the ball over more often on the pick and roll than any other player in this group, Crabbe's profile seems like it would fit well next to a ball-dominant point guard and slashing wing.

The catch-and-shoot stuff is why many have compared him to Rip Hamilton, though the problem is that a) it requires plays be diagrammed specifically to create shots and b) they're not the highest-percentage shots to begin with. Food for thought.

As for the other group that worked out, the fact that Rice was back for a second workout might naturally raise some eyebrows. But remember that his first workout occurred prior to the arrival of Larry Drew, Nick Van Exel and Bob Bender--and the Bucks were also hoping to see if he had taken some hints from his first workout almost four weeks ago.

JS: Williams and Williams audition for big man coaching gig
Old friend Scott Williams was in town on Monday helping Larry Drew and company run through pre-draft workouts, while former Blazer double-double machine Buck Williams did the same on Tuesday. Both are candidates for the vacant big man coaching role that Drew is hoping to fill.

Grantland: The 2013 NBA free-agency primer
Pretty terrific piece from the always terrific Zach Lowe on what trends to look out for come July 1. As you might expect, there's plenty of talk about the Bucks and Monta Ellis in particular.

This is where Ellis comes in. I can't tell you how many times I've heard some variation of "Monta Ellis is in for a rude awakening" from team executives over the last six weeks. Ellis declined a two-year extension almost a month ago that would have paid him an average of $12 million per season, and let's just say the league is skeptical he's going to get anywhere near that amount as a free agent.

Gottlieb: Buyer beware on Shabazz Muhammad
Don't count Doug Gottlieb among those expecting big things from UCLA swingman Shabazz Muhammad. A sampler:

Muhammad also stinks as a teammate. We all saw the pouting on the floor after his teammate Larry Drew hit the game-winner versus Washington last season, when Shabazz was shouting for the ball. I have been told by multiple sources that such behavior was the norm. When Muhammad didn't get his touches, didn't get his numbers, he was totally disconnected from his team.

The Bucks have a unique angle on all of this given Larry Drew's son was one of Muhammad's teammates last year, though it's not clear how interested the Bucks are in him.