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NBA Draft trade rumors shot down by Bobcats' GM, Bucks as Kidd-Gilchrist suitor called "100 percent false"

Charlotte Bobcats GM Rich Cho addressed recent rumors that the team is shopping Michael Kidd-Gilchrist heading into the 2013 NBA Draft, and he made it clear that the Bucks are not engaged in trade talks.


Charlotte Bobcats general manager Rich Cho dumped a bucket of cold water on the hottest Bucks-related 2013 NBA Draft rumor on Wednesday morning, when he unequivocally denied that the team is shopping former No. 2 overall pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist during a radio interview on WFNZ-AM 610.

As Frank noted in his Draft update this morning, a report from Sheridan Hoops suggested that the Bobcats were looking to trade the second-year forward and that the Bucks, Celtics, Hawks and Warriors had emerged as suitors. Beat reporters at the Charlotte Observer tried to shut down the rumor with a post citing denials from team sources, but Sheridan shot back with a strong affirmation of the initial report this morning. We had ourselves an old-fashioned rumor battle brewing...but it only lasted for a few hours.

Cho jumped on the airwaves and offered a pretty clear statement that the team isn't looking to trade MKG (via the Charlotte Observer):

"No! We're not shopping him,'' Cho said on WFNZ-AM 610. "We get calls about all our players. It's my job to take calls. We're not shopping MKG.''


Cho said, "all the teams [the SheridanHoops report] listed are 100 percent false,'' adding "We still like (Kidd-Gilchrist). We think he had a good year.''

Welp. So much for that pipe dream scenario. He technically didn't rule out a trade, as he just said the team isn't shopping him, but it seems interesting that he shot down the potential suitors in such a clear fashion. Cho could be trying to protect a potential deal in the works, but I doubt that he wants to look like a liar on this issue within the next 24 hours. On to the next rumor, I guess.