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Rumor: Bucks discussing #13 pick with Dallas, targeting Karasev

A report suggests the Bucks are trying to move up a few spots in the draft to better their chances of landing the Russian shooter.


According to Yahoo! Sports NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the Milwaukee Bucks are one of the suitors to the Dallas Mavericks' oft-discussed 13th-overall pick:

ESPN's Chad Ford also had news on the Mav's pick:

A ton of teams are trying to get the Mavs' 2013 pick. The Cavs have been the most prominent suitor, but the Bucks, Hawks and Nets are also trying to get up there. In virtually every case, the target is Sergey Karasev. The biggest issue for each team is that both the Sixers and Thunder are sending signals they might take Karasev before 13.

Karasev has been linked to the Bucks a few times through mock drafts, but the 19-year old Russian prospect did not participate in any private workouts during the pre-draft period. He's still a popular player in the middle of the first round, with a lot of experience in professional basketball for his age. He's a very good shooter and shows some versatility on the wing.

The Mavs fave frequently been rumored to be looking to offload their 13th pick in an effort to preserve cap space, so who knows whether a trade into that slot would carry a very high cost. An earlier rumor revolved around Cleveland's 31st and 33rd picks, but it's unclear if those talks ever progressed very far.