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Rumors: Bucks hoping Karasev falls to 15, Schröder and Larkin next in line, Jennings still on the trading block?

A late update to ESPN's mock draft has Russian wing Sergey Karasev falling to Milwaukee at 15, which would supposedly make the Bucks very happy.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks of consistency in mock drafts from ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford, a late change suggests the Bucks might have one particular player in their sights:

The Bucks are hoping Karasev falls to them at No. 15. He's a guy they've targeted for a while and he'd be a good fit on a team that needs to add shooting. But if a team trades up ahead of them to take Karasev, the Bucks are likely to go with a point guard. Larkin and Schroeder are both on the board here and the Bucks like both of them. But I think Schroeder might have the edge coming down to the wire. Murray State's Isaiah Canaan and Greece's Giannis Antetokounmpo are the wild cards.

This change aligns with an earlier rumor that the Bucks were looking to move up in the draft in order to secure Karasev, who is apparently coveted by multiple teams. If they don't make a deal and Karasev is nabbed before their pick, it sounds like the pick will be a point guard. It's worth noting that Ford has been mocking Shane Larkin to the Bucks for some time, so Schröder pulling ahead would presumably represent a shift in what he's hearing.

Also noteworthy: Ford's latest mock has Michigan point guard Trey Burke falling all the way to #13, the Dallas pick that's apparently still available. If such an unexpected slide occurs, you will find me on my roof screaming "TRADE UP! TRADE UP! GIVE THEM WHATEVER THEY WANT!"

The frequent association with point guards and the Bucks' #15 pick will naturally raise questions about Brandon Jennings' future with the organization. While recent chatter from the coaches seems to imply they expect him back, Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal-Times says they're keeping their ears open:

Keep in mind that Brandon Jennings can't be dealt during the draft, nor can sign-and-trade arrangements be negotiated until the official start of the NBA calendar year on July 1st.