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NBA podcast: Offseason begins for Bucks, we talk Larry Drew, Herb Kohl and "The Plan"

The latest episode of the Brew Hoop NBA podcast touches on the beginning of the Bucks' offseason, including the hiring of Larry Drew and comments made by owner Herb Kohl. Listen in to get our analysis on what matters to Milwaukee now.


A critical offseason is officially underway for the Milwaukee Bucks, and in the latest episode of the Brew Hoop NBA podcast Steve von Horn and Frank Madden discuss the hiring of Larry Drew, the goals of the team in free agency and some comments made by Bucks owner Herb Kohl.

Drew is an established coach with a solid record in Atlanta, but does that fact that the Hawks didn't want to keep him say anything about his potential in Milwaukee? Steve offered some long-form thoughts on the hiring last week, but does Frank agree with his take? NBA coaching is not always an easy topic to pin down.

Upgrading the talent on the roster is still the biggest issue facing the Bucks this summer, so we both offer our takes on how it should be done. Finally, the discussion turns to comments made by Herb Kohl about the goals and motivations of the franchise. A nuanced talk about the meaning of tanking and the problem with public relations struggles for losing teams emerges near the end of the podcast, so take a listen and let us know what you think.

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