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Offseason Update: The latest on player rumors, Vegas Summer League, Giannis coverage, and discussions of dogs

Keeping you up to date on the latest from around the Bucksosphere, we cruise around the latest free agency rumors, Vegas Summer League action and the Estonian adventures of Giannis Antetokounmpo.


The Bucks aren't making headlines like they were last week, but they certainly aren't staying out of the news either. Before we delve into that, a look back at what we've missed with our favorite Greek savior hero forward. | Antetokounmpo, Greece Continue Unbeaten Streak
Giannis Antetokounmpo poured in 12 points, snatched 12 rebounds, and dished out seven assists in Greece's victory over Montenegro yesterday, helping Greece to their sixth with in a row. The win guaranteed them a top two finish in their group for pool play but they were unable to make it seven straight today, falling to Turkey 72-70. Antetokounmpo finished with one point (meh), 11 rebounds (yay!), and two blocks.

According to the Bucks official twitter account, Greece will play Spain in the quarterfinals of the U20 Tournament on Friday, with tip scheduled for 10 a.m. CT. | Giannis Wants A Photo, But Out Of Focus
In which Giannis serves up straight happiness for Bucks fans. For some, the quotes about staying away from the media spotlight may be unnerving. The block below, though. That has to make you somewhat pleased, right? Please tell me I'm right.

"For sure it's soon to go to the NBA, I used to think that I am not ready still and I need to improve further.

"But, firstly, I want to believe in myself and secondly I know that I will work as much as I need to, in order to be able to play there," he says with conviction.

"I think that in this way [by making the jump to the NBA immediately] I will improve even faster, especially since I am still at a young age.

"Just by being an NBAer it doesn't make me better than the others.

"It's simply that instead of going to CAI Zaragoza I chose to go to Milwaukee so that my body builds up faster and I get to play more years in the NBA, which was my dream." | Summer League bracket is set
Shifting gears from one exciting Bucks prospect to another, John Henson and the Summer League squad have completed the ''regular season'' of their time out in the Mojave, and are now....wait for it....THE NINE SEED for the upcoming tournament. No place like home, right?

Their first game is scheduled for 3:30 CT on Thursday against the 8th seeded Lakers. If the Bucks win that game, they would be in line for a rematch with the immortal Golden State summer team (winners of 11 straight) on Saturday. If not, they'd play their final game of the week on Friday in the consolation round.

The Bill Michaels Show: Steve Aschburner Interview
In an interview with Bucks radio play-by-play guy Ted Davis,'s Steve Aschburner said that the Bucks would be a team that could use the services of Bobcats guard Gerald Henderson. As he goes on to say, there was nothing tangible to that suggestion. It was merely speculation at this point.

Henderson would give solid competition to the recently acquired O.J. Mayo at shooting guard or possibly slot in as an undersized starting small forward, two things the Bucks could certainly use--assuming the price is right. The 6-5 Henderson averaged 15.5 points on 53% percent true shooting and would fit within the Bucks remaining cap space ($8.6 million not including Brandon Jennings' hold), though the downside is that he'd probably be looking to take up all of the Bucks' remaining cap space. More importantly, he would fit the mold of average-to-good but extremely lovable Bucks that the team appears to be dedicated to collecting this summer (get excited people!).

Bucksketball: What a difference a year makes for Larry Sanders
Jeremy reports from Vegas, where Larry Sanders opens up about his budding friendship with John Henson, what he's been doing with his Buck teammates this week and the huge strides he's made since the last time he was in Vegas.

ProBasketballTalk: Joe Dumars denies Brandon Knight-for-Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings trade talks
Pistons General Manager Joe Dumars has denied any Brandon Jennings sign-and-trade discussions had taken place with the Bucks and his old friend John Hammond. They did, however, talk about their dogs. At least that's what they want you think.

Which raises the question: can we be certain that John Hammond even has a dog? He seems more like a, I don't know, smoking jacket/fireplace/un-Harden-esque yacht parties type of guy. Something seems fishy here.

Also, consider that modern vernacular is always a'changin'. 'Dogs' could be the trendy term for expiring contracts for all we know. We have no idea what dog-related discourse could mean at this juncture. Some possible hidden phrases could include, but are not limited to:

  • "Yeah, I really need to let my dog out" = PLEASE TAKE BACK CHARLIE VILLANUEVA I BEG OF YOU!
  • "No, he's not housebroken yet. Still lots of training to do" = No, I am not giving you John Henson.
  • "He keeps getting up on the table and getting into the kids' snacks" = Andre Drummond keeps getting up on the table and getting into the kids' snacks.
  • "He's learning the tricks, but sometimes he just tilts his head out of confusion. BUT IT'S SO CUTE" = Yeah, Ersan's getting a grasp on English.
Submit some below if you have better ones. It shouldn't be too hard.

Where do we stand on the Brandon Jennings front?

Pretty much nowhere at this point. Nobody really has a clue what will happen next.

Are there any Bucks at the ESPYs tonight?


Take us out, Zaza.

Nothing Easy! We going to game 7 Baby (via Geoffrey Serevei)

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