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Free Agency Rumor: Bucks make 3-year, $20 million offer to Kyle Korver

With money to spend, the Milwaukee Bucks are apparently targeting sharpshooting wing Kyle Korver with a substantial contract offer.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Bucks have offered swingman Kyle Korver a 3-year, $20 million contract. Korver had been rumored as a top target for the Brooklyn Nets, but their cap situation limits them to only the mini mid-level exception, just over $3m per year. Stein also reports that the San Antonio Spurs could be pursuing Korver's services.

With Mike Dunleavy leaving for Chicago and J.J. Redick on his way to Los Angeles, the Bucks are in serious need of bodies to fill the wing spots on their roster. Korver might be the best three-point shooter available on the market, having made over 41% of his threes in each of the last four seasons (including an unreasonable 53.6% in 09/10!). He doesn't do much more than shoot from the small forward position (or shooting guard if the matchup is tolerable), but he does it extremely well. Pairing him with Ersan Ilyasova would give the Bucks two of the best floor-spacing shooters in the NBA.

The contract is a bit daunting considering Korver is already 32 years old. Assuming it's flat, the Bucks would still be paying him over $6.5m when he turns 35. A partially-guaranteed final season would defray some of that risk, but that might not be enough to get the deal done. Still, for a player who relies on one primary skill that generally ages very well, it's unlikely he'd become dead weight barring a serious injury.