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Bucks' options continue to dwindle as Korver, Smith accept other offers

The Bucks were reportedly interested in both players, but will have to focus their attention elsewhere as each will remain with his former team.


Another busy day of negotiating has left the Bucks with little still to show for it. Just hours after a report suggested the Bucks were going hard after sweet-shooting forward Kyle Korver with a three-year offer, ESPN's Marc Stein reported that Korver would remain with the Atlanta Hawks on a four-year contract worth $24 million. The deal pays a little less in annual salary than Milwaukee's offer but gives Korver an extra season and keeps him in a familiar situation (though his old coach would have been waiting in Wisconsin).

Meanwhile, another rumored target for the Bucks is also no longer on the market. J.R. Smith, whose courtship by Milwaukee inspired quite a bit of colorful reaction from Bucks fans, is working with the Knicks to iron out a new four-year contract. The Bucks were said to be one of the most aggressive teams in their pursuit of Smith, but one person close to the electrifying guard insisted it was a long shot, saying he much preferred to stay in New York.

Negotiations continue between the Bucks and free agent shooting guard O.J. Mayo, and most reports indicate that a deal is likely to be announced within the next day or so. But there's still precious little depth in the wings of Milwaukee's roster, and more guys get crossed off the list every day. Those in favor of a measured approach that minimizes the long-term commitments handed out this season might be rejoicing at that fact. But if you're looking for the Bucks to use their considerable cap space to make significant upgrades to the roster, the talent pool is quickly drying up. There's always a chance the team could use that cap space to swing a trade for a big-salary player, but that's likely to require giving something up in return, and the Bucks' most attractive assets are the same pieces many fans want the team to build around.

This much is certain: the holiday weekend will be anything but quiet.