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Bucks nearing completion of Larry Sanders extension

It's been speculated about for days, but the Larry Sanders extension appears to (legitimately) be in its final stages now.

Jonathan Daniel

Larry Sanders is moments away from becoming a very, very rich man, and that is a good thing.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Sanders and the Bucks are nearing a completion of the extension, set to go into effect next year.  The deal reportedly is worth $44 million over the next four seasons.  That's JaVale McGee money, for those keeping track at home on their "which big guy is Larry's next contract going to be most like?" scorecards.

Wojnarowski also reported that the deal is fully guaranteed and that there are no options involved for the penultimate for final year of the deal.  There are also bonuses that could push the deal upwards of $48 million, though those were not disclosed.

Sanders had a breakout season in his third year in the league, averaging 9.8 points, 9.5 rebounds, and 2.8 blocks this past year.  His most valuable improvement was being able to stay on the floor without fouling at a ridiculous rate, allowing him to develop into the defensive anchor that the Bucks have sorely needed since the departure of Andrew Bogut.

This may seem like a lot of money to give a player who has really only put together one standout season (at less than 30 minutes a game, too), but guys with Sanders skill set and further potential don't come around too often.  When they do, they don't come cheaply.  Such is the market for these guys.

Another reason why doing this extension now is beneficial is that it won't interfere with Halloween the looming extension deadline during the season.  The deadline to extend players from the 2010 draft class was October 31st.  If a deal is not reached by said deadline, then the player becomes a restricted free agent that upcoming summer.  We all know how much fun that dance is, right?

For a team that had been somewhat of a circus act the last 18 months, being able to revamp the roster and extend a piece you really believe in (not to mention a piece who likes being here and wants to stay here) for your future is a nice breath of fresh air (even if that wasn't the original plan).  We don't know whether this extension will bear the fruit we expect it to going forward, but for a team that has had more questions than answers of late, this feels like a step towards something much, much better.

Today is a good day.

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