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Slava Kravtsov likely to be released by Bucks: A tearful farwell

After a brief but celebrated marriage, the Bucks are reportedly ready to cut ties with Viacheslav ('Big Slava') Kravtsov, a throw-in in the Brandon Knight deal. The following comes from the heart.


It's just so hard to say goodbye sometimes.

According to the Detroit Free Press, recently acquired 7-footer Slava Kravtsov (as part of the trade that sent Brandon Jennings packing), is expected to be released from his contract, with the Bucks choosing rather to eat his salary than to ship him off as part of another trade package.

People may throw out bold-faced lies such as ''I'm pretty sure he never physically came to Milwaukee," or "I'm like...almost certain he never even left his home when he heard the news," but that's just hogwash, Slava. What we had was real.

This (again, likely) sudden departure stings, as this feels like the loss of a family member.

I'm going to miss you, Slava.

Just 72 short hours ago, you (hypothetically) arrived with that glimmer in your eye you were so well-known for. You could see it on your face; dreams of continuing your adventure in Milwaukee. Dreams of you and Mirsolav Raduljica participating in your first ever Polar Plunge. Big dreams.

At the (hypothetical) press conference, you said that you had never seen such a beautiful people, as well as a beautiful city. The subsequent awww's were genuine, don't let that fool you. You had made your way into our hearts immediately. We knew that you were special from the get-go.

The first thing we (hypothetically) did after the press conference was (hypohetically) take you to go see The Way Way Back, per you request. It was refreshing to see that we had similar tastes in both movies and humor, as we routinely found ourselves laughing at all the Sam Rockwell and Jim Rash parts. We also both agreed that though Steve Carrell was in an antagonistic role that we didn't really expect, he did a pretty fantastic job portraying that.

I was meaning to thank you for the (hypothetical) popcorn you (hypothetically) bought for the both of us. That was mighty generous of you. Then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I know it's belated, but, thanks.

Remember the (hypothetical) incident with the cream puff at The Wisconsin State Fair? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about that. Those were some good times, though.

Remember when we finagled that plan to get you to (hypothetically) throw out the first pitch at that Brewers-Cubs game IN CHICAGO?!? I still can't believe they let you do that. They were all like, "No seriously, who is this guy?" and you were all like "No need to worry, I am an American basketball superstar," AND THEY BOUGHT IT! I will (hypothetically) never, EVER, forget that. Not only did you paint the black with your 90 mph heater, but you taught me an important lesson that day. You taught me to dream big.

This was all in the first 24 hours, too. What times we had.

Despite my urging to return to the State Fair the following day, you instead insisted that we go check out the displays at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I know that I was pouting most of the way there, and for that I am (hypothetically) sorry. But God, thank you for taking me. Being able to see another side of you--a side so thoughtful, bright, and full of energy--made me all the more excited for your future here in Milwaukee. I know you foo-foo'ed my suggestion that you and Larry Sanders should collaborate on an art showing, but I meant it. You two could have done wonders together.

As we wound up the night with dinner and hours of lively (albeit repetitive) modern American dancing with our friends, you expressed to me that life could maybe not get better than this moment. I was taken aback by it initially, but now that I've had time to think about it, you were (hypothetically) right. Those moments were golden. I wish I could thank you for them now that you're (likely) gone, but not everything can go that perfectly.

I don't know where you're (likely) headed, and it kills me. I wish there was something more I could do. It will be tough, seeing you leave like the rest of them. I'll ask myself why things like this have to happen, why someone so loved could be taken so soon, but sometimes caring about someone means having to let them go.

Such is life, I guess. (A hypothetical) Thank you Slava, for enriching mine, as well as others'.

(Note: If you end up not being released, then I'm totally kidding about the goodbye part. One of our many classic jokes, right?)

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