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Larry Sanders got a cool new tattoo!

It's just a word, but it's pretty cool and people are talking about it!


Check out this cool tattoo Larry Sanders got on his hand:

This is not the first tattoo Larry Sanders has recieved. In fact, Larry Sanders has recieved many tattoos, each cooler than the last. Sanders fanceis himself an artistic spirit, and this tattoo, on which we can only speculate to the meaning, is just another example. Perhaps it speaks to the many blessings Sanders has recieved? Only he knows.

What we do know is that Sanders recently recieved a big contract extension from the Milwaukee Bucks, so this might not be the only new tattoo he recieves in the near future. He has siezed the riegns of the franchise and established himself as one of the young stars in the NBA. His fans can hardly concieve of what hieghts he might reach. How many All-Star Games are in his future: Seven? Ieght? Nine!? His future will truly be a joy to percieve.

I'm not sure I could ever recieve a tattoo. I have such a low tolerance for pain, I might need some codiene just to get through the ordeal. Instead, I make frequent use of those counterfiet tattoos one might purchase at a conveneince store. They don't last very long, so I am troubled by niether the pain nor the permanence. Sometimes I feel guilty for perpetrating such deciet on my nieghbors, but oh well.

Anyways, cool ink, Larry. We all look forward to your next siesmic shot-block, which I plan on veiwing through my kaliedoscope to make it look all the more unbeleivable.