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NBA Schedule 2013/14: Milwaukee Bucks open on the road, open their home schedule on a Saturday and shockingly play 82 games in all

The Milwaukee Bucks' 2013/14 schedule was released on Tuesday night and it's pretty much what you'd expect of a Bucks schedule.


The NBA released its 13/14 season schedule Tuesday night, but there were no big surprises for the Bucks: they'll open on the road (Wednesday, October 30 at Madison Square Garden), kick off their home schedule the following Saturday (against Toronto), and play 82 games in all. Ta-da!

Some other highlights:

  • 13 of the Bucks' 41 home games are on Saturday night, including the first six Saturdays of the season.
  • Brandon Jennings returns to the BC for the first time on Wednesday, December 4.
  • The Bulls (and their fans) are in town December 13 and January 10.
  • The Bucks have a weird matinee back-to-back on March 15 (11 am start at MSG) and March 16 (noon start at home vs. Charlotte).
  • The season's longest road trip is March 18 to March 24, featuring dates with the Blazers, Warriors, Kings and Clippers.
Month Home Road Total
Oct 0 1 1
Nov 8 7 15
Dec 7 8 15
Jan 7 8 15
Feb 7 4 11
Mar 8 9 17
Apr 4 4 8