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Links and Things: All of your Caron Butler info

Caron Butler is a Milwaukee Buck, if you haven't heard. In this post, the national media weighs in on the deal and we at Brew Hoop have created a contest for everyone! Brew Hoop have it all!


Usually a move like the Milwaukee Bucks adding Caron Butler wouldn't garner a lot of national media attention, but it's August, and August in the NBA is barren news land.

So If clicking through semi-redundant reactions isn't your thing, stick around until the end, where some more enjoyable bits (including a Brew Hoop-created contest!) will take place.


Grantland | Zach Lowe: Butler and the Evolving Identity of the Salary Dump
Zach Lowe goes in to detail about the nuances of this deal, examining why Phoenix wasn't able to get much more for a player of Butler's skill set and financial hold.  Lowe also goes further into the process behind each team's thinking, explaining not only what just hapened (obviously), but what the next move might be for each club. In other words, Zach Lowe is really, really good at his job.

Ball Don't Lie | Dan Devine: Butler dealt again
Dan Devine from Yahoo! BDL also goes into the future ramifications of this deal, and even gives Brew Hoop a little shout out. He also used a photo with the sleeved jerseys, which still (in my opinion) look super gross.

1250 WSSP | Gery Woelfel reaction
Bucks insider Gery Woelfel joins the guys on 1250 WSSP to discuss the trade. Among items discussed were the Carlos Delfino injury, division standing predictions, locker room scuttlebutt, and " the $64,000 question."

Bucksketball | Reaction to the trade
KL Chouinard of Bucksketball offers a more personal reaction to the trade, bringing up the usage of cap space and the potential of swapping Caron to regain that dream of obtaining a high-ish lottery pick with cap flexibility. He also used an intriguing photo of Butler, at least to me.  He looks like someone else.  Maybe it's Gus Johnson, I don't know. Maybe you all can help with that.

Kevin Pelton Trade Grades | ESPN

This (*insider*) reaction to the deal actually holds the Bucks in a pretty decent light.  Pelton gave the Bucks a B grade, citing familiar perks like veteran leadership, improvement at the position, hometown product, and a few others.  B's are good, guys!


YouTubeCaron Butler "taste-tests" straws
This is exactly what it sounds like.  Caron Butler is put to the test in his straw-chewing abilities when he's asked to pick out a McDonald's straw out a collection of about a dozen, all while being blindfolded.  Good luck trying to stay in your seat watching this thrilling video.


As you may already, Caron Butler goes by the nickname of "Tuff Juice."  Nobody can really put their thumb on what that exactly is (we're just going to blatantly ignore any Wizards-era or Mavericks-era attempts at this), so we at Brew Hoop are going to settle that once and for all.

Here is the idea:  You the reader have the chance to create the officially unofficial Tuff Juice.  It can be either a cocktail or a mocktail, we don't have a preference (but we're probably going to be more impressed with a cocktail, let's be honest).

In the comments below, submit your recipe along with a brief description as to how you came about your decisions. If you are able to include a photo, brilliant.  It is not required, but if you think about it, it would be much easier for us to sign off on your submission if we actually see what it looks like.  If it's a murky brown and we end up choosing that as the winner, then we'll look silly if we ever get a chance to present it to anyone of note. Seems fair, right?

Also (and most importantly), there are a few guidelines that must be met in order to have a chance to be selected as the tuffest of all the juices. These are listed below.

  • The submission ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE A STRAW IN IT.  All straw-less submissions will be disqualified, so do not forget to include a straw in your photo or a straw in your ingredient list.
  • NO Mountain Dew.  As many of you may recall, Caron had a bit of an obsession with it back in the day and has since renounced drinking it. So as much as you may enjoy the Dew, please refrain from using it out of respect for Caron.
  • The submission must include a juice, if not multiple.  This should go without saying, but I figured somebody would try and go sans juice in this contest.  So yeah, include a juice.
That's about it, as far as rules go.

*We'll leave this contest open for one week, ending at 11:59 p.m. on September 10th.  We will then present the winning recipe sometime later that week.  Later this week we'll give you an update on some of the better ideas we've received thus far. Best of luck to everyone!*