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General Discussion Thread, vol. 3: The draft, trade talk, and the plan

Bucks fans have shown they are passionate in at least one of these three areas, so let's hear what you have to say!

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We are back with another post that will allow you to air out whatever questions, comments, trade scenarios, and draft wishes you would like!

It has become pretty clear over the latest losing streak that Bucks fans right now are most passionate about at least one of the following: the draft, the offseason, and ''the plan," so why not put it all together in one spot for an engaging discussion?

I won't bore you with much talk here in the body of this post, but here are some things you could offer your opinion on, with regards to the categories of interest. You can also talk about whatever else you'd like because you are most likely an adult and have that right.


Should you always take the best player available over the best fit, or can you blur the lines a little bit more this summer because any of the top prospects seem like they'd contribute right away? Also, the Bucks biggest hole right may be in a spot where the BPA isn't projected to play at (though one could argue that the Bucks roster is full of holes and that argument is invalid).

Speaking of which, I'm curious to see if the mood changes on the BPA vs. Best Fit debate throughout the season, so I made a poll and will continue to throw it in posts throughout the season, asking who you would take with the number one pick, should the Bucks be in that slot.

Does the news that two players in this top crop maybe not being ready to leave college yet worry you/strike fear in your mighty draft day plans?


If, say, Joel Embiid is your number one prospect and the Bucks have that first selection, do you take Embiid and worry about Larry Sanders later, or do you make a move this season to either get another pick or a wing prospect (or more)? Does this report--or at least the fundamental idea of it--matter to you? Do you prefer the Bucks keep Larry and just get their wing prospect and work out the roster kinks from there?

It's also worth noting that if you wish to include Larry in trade discussions, remember that his contract is currently a lot harder to move due to the CBA's poison pill provision. The quick summary: teams over the cap (ie basically everyone) can't accept more than 150% plus $100,000 of the amount they ship out in a trade. That allows for a fair bit of wiggle room when crafting deals, but the hard part is that Larry's cap number for trade purposes--not his actual salary, mind you--is different for the Bucks than it is for a hypothetical trade suitor.

While he would count as only his current $3 million salary from a Bucks' perspective, he would count for over $9 million (the average of his current deal and $44 million extension) to a team trading for him. In short, there's no one-for-one trade that could be made for Larry until July 1, which is when his extension kicks in and his incoming/outgoing cap number both become his new $11 million salary. It's not to say that you can't work out a deal--adding a bunch of salary to both sides can make it work--but there's no currently no way to do a "Larry for a 1st rounder"-type deal and have it work under the cap.


Do you see the Bucks being aggressive sellers at the deadline or timid ones? Who do you think will be moved? Who would you like to be moved? What would be considered a successful deadline for you?

What trades would you generally like to see? Be specific if you can.


With the report that even Herb Kohl may be on board for a rebuild, is anything still holding you back on being chill this season?

What do you make of the recent comments from a few of the more established players? Is it fair to gripe about minutes on this team? Is lack of identity a player, coach, or executive problem?

Also, how confident are you that Larry Drew/John Hammond/David Morway are the guys to take the change of intent and see it through to the point where it becomes the execution of intent?

Perhaps the Bucks have better odds of building a new arena and staying in Milwaukee? Do you believe that story?


Feel free to pitch any other points of discussion you feel is healthy and important. If that includes which BrewHoop blogger should be on the cover of the hypothetical Bucks Blogger calendar, so be it. As long as we keep it civil, anything is up for discussion.