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The official Larry Drew post-game press conference guide

Now you have a reason to watch the post game pressers, kind of...maybe....please?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucks season has been filled with aircraft carrier loads of sadness in all kinds of areas, but no area is it more visible than in Larry Drew's post-game press conferences. Forgive me if I'm going too far out on a limb here, but I'm guessing a lot of you reading this haven't stuck around to see many of these. We don't blame you. We're not mad either; we're just disappointed is all.

Anyways, these ten-minute chats after what have mostly been disheartening losses are something else. Imagine the Bucks' losses and mood surrounding them as a freight train if you will. These press conferences are essentially the fuel that keeps the train moving, hoisted in to the sadness furnace by the shovel-load. God bless Larry for having the intestinal fortitude to dutifully go through with these after every game--we can't imagine a less pleasant task.

Since most of you have maybe read a post that only contained a quote or two, we at Brew Hoop have decided to take it upon ourselves to create a easy-to-follow viewing guide for the next Larry Drew press conference. The Bucks face the Los Angeles Clippers Monday night, so print out the official Larry Drew post-game press conference guide and follow along with your friends and family!

Tonight was definitely an _______________ (choose from: embarrassment/struggle/disappointing performance/tough one). We just ___________ (failed to/couldn't) _________________________ (execute in the end/make enough plays/play hard and/or bring consistent energy for four quarters).

Before you forget, we have provided space for you to tally the estimated amount of times coach Drew will say ‘'play hard,'' or some variation of the sentiment:




(no really, you might need all this space)

I told the guys in the locker room that we need to ______________________________ (insert teaching principle from September). I told them that we can't continue to _______________________ (refer to teaching principle, but realize that the opposite of that is happening) like we've been doing recently.

(For a good laugh, refer to the previous post-game press conference worksheet we gave you (or in this case, the previous game recap, where you will see the same answers in the blank as you are tonight).

Has he rubbed his head/wiped around his mouth with his fingers by now? Y/N (circle one)

If no, wait two more questions, then review previous question. If the answer is still no, then the press conference is likely already over. Proceed to your car.

If the answer the first time is yes, then there is much more press conference ahead of you. Please remain seated.

You have now probably arrived at the Q&A section. Good for you.

I thought _______________ (insert maybe one, maybe two, maybe (and probably) zero player names here) played with (some good/not a lot of) energy tonight. I told these guys they need to come out every night and compete, and ____________ (did/did not do that) tonight. We need to (keep that up/start doing that) more consistently.

(A reporter will ask a question you likely can't hear through your television. Did Larry Drew seem depressed while answering it? Y/N? Regardless of the answer, the press conference is only about two or three questions away from being over. The morale is plummeting as we speak, most likely).

Do you feel an adequate amount of disappointment yet? Y/N

Was the answer yes? Cool, you are done. Go home.

If the answer is no, sit tight for one more question.

Now is the answer yes?  Great! Now go hug your loved ones.

(Bonus: If a promise was made during the press conference, take note of this moment. You are fortunate enough to have your next morning story already written!)