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Submit your questions for the sure-to-be-depressing Brew Hoop Mailbag!

Got a question about the Milwaukee Bucks? Give us a shout! No question is too small or filled with sadness.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Got questions about the Milwaukee Bucks? We've got hastily-researched and weakly defensible answers!

We're putting together a Brew Hoop Mailbag feature to hopefully become a running series, which means we need Bucks fans far and wide to submit their burning questions. Anything you might have wondered about the Bucks, from the roster construction to the front office to trades, contracts, and the draft, it's all fair game. Questions need not be limited to opinions or ideas either: curious about some aspect of the CBA as it relates to the Bucks? We'll try to clear it up for you.

How can you submit questions? For now, Twitter and email will be the best avenues for contact, though you are welcome to leave questions in the comments as well. On twitter, send your questions to me @dan_sinclair, or you can email me at "dsinclair DOT wisc AT gmail DOT com". If you email me, please use a subject line like "Brew Hoop mailbag" so I don't miss them. I'll be running the first mailbag, but you can expect to hear from the entire Brew Hoop staff in the future.

If you should find your question unanswered when our mailbag posts start dropping, fret not. We have only limited battery life on our laptops and sometimes have to leave the basement when dinner is ready, but we'll try to cover as many interesting questions as possible.