Should the Bucks Keep Turkish Thunder?

The Bucks have started their 2014 season off with the own the future campaign. It makes perfect sense. The team is just flooded with players that can make an immediate impact during the 2014-2015 season. That is why many Bucks fans should ask with question is there room for Ersan Ilyasova? I have always loved Turkish Thunder, but I think that his time in the MKE should be numbered. With John Henson stepping up his play and Jabari Parker playing a swing four how much room does that leave Turkish Thunder to get good minutes? I personally thought that Ersan would have had his bags packed during the off season. The only problem is finding a team who would take his just under eight million dollars that he is going to make this season. Sounds like a perfect pick up for the New York Knicks, considering they took on human garbage Andrea Bargnani’s 11 million dollar contract and Amar’e Stoudemire’s 23 million dollar contract. I’d have a hard time paying him that much even in his prime. Anyways Ersan Ilyasova is a poster child of someone getting a big contract and then doing nothing after it. 28 percent from three? Please tell me that is some type of sick joke. I wouldn’t care if the Bucks got a second round draft pick for him, just getting rid of his contract to give it to someone who deserves it is well worth the money. For now Ersan is on the Bucks and maybe just maybe head coach Jason Kidd can put the thunder back in Turkish Thunder.

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