after 2 Giannis averaging 7 shots a game Parker 13

Can Giannis become A legitimate first or second option for this team averaging 7 shot attempts a game?

Do you think Kidd is playing Giannis off the bench or with lineups without any obvious starters in hopes that he will assume the leadership role being more assertive with the backups?

how many attempts per game would be ideal this season for Parker and Giannis?

I have yet to see a game this preseason and won't until we play on the package but for those who have seen the preseason games is he having trouble defeating his defender or getting separation? Or is he not looking for his offense? Is he still standing in the corners again on half court sets? Is he doing anything differently or better than last year?

I believe the season and the future is riding on Giannis. I don't worry about Parker because Parker will shoot and experiment enough with how to defeat nba players this season that he will find his comfort zone and eventually become all star. I'm hoping for the same out of Giannis.

if you were Kidd how would you critique Giannis and Parker? What would you ask them to do more or less?

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