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Bucks reportedly offered Ray Allen a contract, Allen not interested

Milwaukee gave Allen a chance to rejoin the team that drafted him, but Allen's priorities seem to lie elsewhere.


According to CSN Washington' Wizards Insider J. Michael, the Milwaukee Bucks are one of six teams to have approached 39-year-old shooting guard Ray Allen with a contract offer:

Six teams have actually contacted his reps since he became an unrestricted free agent -- the Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder and .... the Milwaukee Bucks. Yes, the latter is not a mistake. Allen spent the first six-plus seasons of his career in Milwaukee, and the franchise's pitch was a chance to end things where they began. Creative and worth a shot? Yes. Did it work? No.

Well that was over before it began.

The prospect of "going home" might be appealing to some players, but all indications are that Allen is looking for another shot at a title if he decides to play another year at all. The other five teams mentioned all have championship aspirations this season, and Washington and Oklahoma City in particular will be looking for extra help following injuries to Bradley Beal and Kevin Durant, respectively. The less-than-friendly terms on which Allen departed Milwaukee could also be a factor, though none of the major figures in that trade are still around, and with new ownership in place it's perhaps not surprising that the Bucks would make an effort--however token it might be--to bring back one of the franchise's all-time greats. But really, it's probably that whole title thing.

Would Allen's return even be a good thing for the Bucks? There is a bit of a roster hole at shooting guard, with O.J. Mayo the only player on the roster who looks like an "obvious" 2-guard, but Milwaukee has been able to fill that gap (well, try to fill it) by playing with two point/combo guards at once, or sliding the bigger Khris Middleton up to SG. Allen would provide some shooting help, for sure, and would be a great presence on the team from a leadership perspective. Off the court, his return could also have drawn the attention of casual fans, many of whom may have lost track of the Bucks entirely in the decade since Allen departed. But filling roster holes with old veterans shouldn't be a big priority for the Bucks right now. It would be a nice story, but little more.

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"Last time I played was in the Summer League a little bit and in practice so it was an opportunity. But it wasn't about (playing) the point, you know? It was a tough game. We have to keep working on our craft and our game."