Junes Nba Season Prediction Contest 2014/15

The winner of the offseason prediction contest was: ba dun dun dun dun three way tie for first between

Robbiebrown, Lastfirst, and Madtown followed in the standings by another three way tie between

Puravida, Dwags, and Conover

Official Standings:

8 points: Robbie, Lastfirst, and Madtown

7 points: Puravida, Dwags, Conover

6 points: Cheeseplease

5 points: ME

4 Points: Canada

This time around I thought I'd add a few more questions so we could avoid the ties. The due date is before the NBA season tips off: October 28th.

1st question: Eastern conference standings 1-15 i will award one point for every playoff team correctly guessed and another point for putting a team in the exact position of their seed

2nd: Same thing with the west

3rd: Bucks win total: 2 points for a perfect guess, 1 point for being within two wins.

4th Eastern and Western Conference finals matchups: one point for each team correctly placed

5th: Nba finals participants

6th: NBA Champion

7th: NBA MVP

8th: NBA ROY

9th: NBA 6th Man


11th: Coach of the Year

12th: Who will lead the NBA in the following stats (Just pair names with the stats one point for each correct pair): PPG, RPG, SPG, APG, BPG, Field Goal Percentage.

13th: Finals MVP

Go Ahead and make your predictions in the comments below: I will allow adjustments after the original postings up until the 28th. Have fun with it and take some risks. Obviously based on the nature of the questions a winner won't be revealed for a long time but may the odds be ever in your favor.

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