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VIDEO: Jabari Parker complete highlights vs. Cavaliers

Jabari put on a show in Cleveland on Tuesday night.

Announcement time! We're pleased to welcome Corey Gloor as our newest Brew Hoop contributor. Corey currently resides in North Carolina after spending his entire life in the Midwest. In a previous life, Corey yapped on the radio in Rockford, IL and Janesville, WI about sports and sports-related things (including the Bucks). Now he yaps on the radio with IMG College. Corey also writes about NIU and the MAC on Hustle Belt. Oh, and he's also one of only a handful of people who have made the mistake of having me on as a radio show guest. Hey, nobody's perfect. - Frank

Jabari Parker made his presence felt in the Bucks' preseason loss to Cleveland with 18 points on 7-of-12 shooting and a trio of dunks, showing the Cavaliers just what they could have had to trade for Kevin Love... rather than whatever an Andrew Wiggins is.

Here's a highlight reel of Parker's night. Enjoy your drooling... the season opens two weeks from today.