Expected 2014-15 season averages, Part 3: Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker, 19

Career (Freshman college year): 19.1 ppg / 8.7 rpg / 1.2 apg / 0.473 FG%


Jabari Parker was picked at the 2nd spot of the 2014 NBA Draft (considered by many as one of the best draft classes of the recent years). Young, with strong body frame, already an offensive threat and more NBA-ready than the average rookie, he is one of the most favourable contenders for ROY honours.

It's almost certain that he will be a 20+ ppg player at his primes. The question is how fast this threshold will be reached? And moreover, will there be any opportunity costs (e.g. weak defensive presense) which could offset at a significant level his promising offensive skills?

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