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Brew Hoop Fantasy Basketball is Back for 2014-2015!

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Update: As of right now the league is full pending acceptance of a few invites. If you haven't already received an invite, I will unfortunately not be sending any more out until those who have already asked have had a day to join. In the meantime, I'll again suggest using our FanPost section to organize more leagues!

Brew Hoop fantasy basketball is back for another rip-roaring season of digitally-processed roundball action!

Last year we made some improvements to the league that went over pretty well, so I think we'll keep everything mostly the same this season. Here are the specifics:

  • Number of Teams: 20 (TAKE IT TO THE MAX)
  • Head-to-Head, standard 9 category scoring
  • Daily lineup changes, 3 adds/drops per week limit
  • If Giannis isn't picked in the top 5 the league is immediately disbanded (this rule subject to change)

As always, a request from the community: This league is intended to give regular Brew Hoop readers and commenters a chance to have fun playing fantasy basketball with other Bucks fans. To that end, we have some quick and easy qualifications for entry! To join the league, please do the following if you haven't already:

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Create an SB Nation profile and join Brew Hoop (if you haven't done this already, you can find instructions

Once you've done those things, send an email to me at dsinclair.wisc AT gmail DOT com. Please include your SB Nation username in the email.

Spots are limited, but if you aren't able to participate, our FanPost section is a great way to organize additional leagues. I'm sure there are plenty of willing managers looking to join. We'll help you track more down if needed.

Let's do this!