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Only ten times in history has a team with an average age under 25 made the playoffs.

Our average age is 24 on the dot.

The youngest team to ever make the playoffs were the Atlanta Hawks 07/08 Edition at 24.3 Y.O. Anchored by Joe Johnson, Josh SMith, Marvin Williams, Al Horford, and Josh Childress all of whom had 5 Win shares or greater.

Every team to make the playoffs with an average age Under 25 has had an all star with the lone exception being the 12/13 Nuggets who had some worthy candidates (Iguodala and Lawson) but also were a very balanced team led by the Coach of the Year in George Karl.

12/13 also had the second youngest playoff team ever the Houston Rockets led by James Harden. Average age 24.4

Every other playoff team in history has been 24.7 or older.

Most of us don't need a reason for why we won't make the playoffs this year, but for those of us that do I thought these numbers would provide a decent reminder of why its unlikely. Unless Jabari or Giannis comes out on fire and / or we rock the vote we will not have an all star. We would also be the youngest playoff team ever (or quite close to it as I don't know if the numbers are based on playoff age or opening day age). I just don't see how our roster compares favorably to any of those teams.

Just a quick write up meant to spark discussion. Enjoy!

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