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Bucks arena talk and unpacking the NBA's massive TV deal

If other NBA previews have scared you about the future of the Bucks in Milwaukee, then take a listen to our latest podcast for clarifications regarding Bucks arena issues and the impact of the NBA's lucrative new TV deal.

Joe Robbins

The start of the 2014-15 NBA season is rapidly approaching for the Milwaukee Bucks, but before we move on to Jabari Parker's rookie campaign we wanted to take some podcast time to discuss the impact of the nine-year, $24 billion broadcast rights deal that will keep national NBA games on ABC/ESPN and Turner networks and grow the league's BRI number and the salary cap to new levels in the coming years. It's a fascinating deal that touches on the pressure of cable TV bundling schemes, potential new revenue streams, the power of live sports for advertisers, and rising NBA franchise valueswhich ultimately ties back to Milwaukee arena issues and some other topics raised in the Grantland NBA video preview for the Bucks. If Bill Simmons scared you at bit when he (literally) donned his conspiracy cap and started talking about 2017 and Seattle, take a deep breath and check out our podcast to find some peace.

We track things back to the summer to discuss the importance of the buy-back provision in the Bucks sale agreement and the potential for an extension to the current lease beyond 2017 if certain milestones are met in arena efforts. We also discuss a variety of things tied to the new TV deal, including advertising on jerseys, shorter NBA games, and potential Bucks sponsors. Here's the latest Brew Hoop Podcast episode:

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