Shafftys 2014-2015 Jabari Parker Rookie Watch, VC, and Teammate grade.

I am a huge fan of the Bucks, I am also a HUGE fan of NBA 2k more specifically, the My Player mode, where you create a rookie, start from the bottom and work your way to be a legend. I have been trying to come up with a unique way to watch what might be a rough season, and I think I've discovered it.

In MyPlayer mode at the end of the game you get rated for your teammate grade, or basically how you did throughout the game losing points for turnovers, losing your man etc. and gain points by good shot selection good ball movement, assists, and overall good play. Along with the teammate grade you earn "VC" or virtual currency, which is probably the least creative thing they could call it, you use VC to upgrade your abilities.

So since we have a very intriguing rookie, that will be playing a lot of minutes and shooting a lot of shots. This would be the perfect way to track how he has played throughout the year. For those who want to play at home I'll list some stuff to look for while watching the Bucks this year, and more specifically Jabari Parker.

Teammate Grade


  • Good Spacing- Generally awarded for a good offensive possession even if the player didn't immediately effect the scoring play. +10
  • Assist- Self explanatory. +15
  • Good Shot Selection - Basically all times the shot they took was good. +10
  • Screens - good solid screens +5
  • Steal - Obvious. +10
  • Pass to Assist - Basically used for around the horn passing, but anytime you pass and they pass right away and get an assist. +5
  • Block - Obvious +10
  • Good Shot Defense - This will be tough as it is a judgement call, if you affected the shot or were playing good shot defense and the shooter just knocked it down. +10
  • Last second shot- You score with under 5~ seconds left on the GAME clock. +10
  • Double-Move Leading to score - dribble moves, pump fakes, spins, fadeaways. "flashy" +10
  • Tipped Pass - obvious +5
  • Good Team Defense - A solid defensive possession. +10
  • Fast Break score - dunks or layups we all love it +5
  • "Good" foul - Shooting foul that stops an easy basket and forces free throws +5
  • Let Player Score - the person you are supposed to be guarding scores, and its your fault. -10
  • Lost your man - lose who you were supposed to be guarding and they get away from you. -10
  • Bad Shot Selection - basically if you force it, with people in your face or with other people open, Brandon Jennings would hate this one. -10
  • Turnover - Obvious -10
  • Allow Offensive rebounding- Punishes for poor boxing out and in general losing your man in the post.-5
  • Allow score off turnover - Punishes a lack of transition D. aka hustle back. -10
  • Allow inside Pass - out of position and allow an inside pass. -5
  • Shooting foul - .... -10
  • Reaching foul -... -10
Grading Scale: (subject to change)
  • 100> F
  • 100-200 D
  • 300-400 C
  • 400-500 B
  • 500-650 A
  • 650+ A+

Earning VC-
VC is a culmination of the teammate grade, and the opponent, harder opponents earn more VC. Before each game I'll tweet how much each team is worth for Jabari, based on the NBA 2k15 values my Bucks rookie earns.

Finally nothing is finished, got an idea on how to tweak the system? Did I forget a grade? Let me know in the comments and ill add it!

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