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VIDEO: Jabari Parker dressed as a Blues Brother to surprise local trick-or-treaters for Halloween

It wouldn't be an insult to call Jabari Parker a kid. After all, the Bucks' prized rookie is still just 19 years old.

But Parker is now a grown up when it comes to trick-or-treating, and for his first Halloween in Milwaukee he and the Bucks pulled off a rather awesome treat for kids in a Whitefish Bay Neighborhood. Dressed as a Blue Brother--he's from Chicago after all--the #2 pick in the June draft greeted kids with candy at a local family's home last weekend. So yes, Jabari is officially the best, even if he's still a Bears fan.

All of which begs the question: When will we see video of Ersan Ilyasova handing out candy while dressed as Frankenstein?