Pre-Season Overview Bucks Vs. Grizz

If you are like me you were extremely excited for the Bucks first pre-season game verse the Memphis Grizzlies, and in my personal opinion it did not disappoint. First things first, the Bucks won. Even though it is pre-season its always good for a young team to get into a winning mind set early. One high of the night was the lay of Kris Middleton. Middleton show 7-12 from the field finished with 17 points and 3 point field goal to seal the Bucks first pre-season win. Considering we got Middleton as a throw in player in the Brandon Jennings trade I think hes doing alright for himself. Another player who had a good night was Larry Sanders, posting a double double where he snagged 15 boards and had 10 points. That looked like the Larry of 2 seasons ago, and hopefully Larry can stay out of trouble and go back to playing some great basketball being the defensive enforcer. The Bucks definitely did not play perfectly, being such a young team with a new coach is expected. There is not reason for fans to go into panic mode because Giannis had a below average night and Jabari had a terrible first half. Both of these kids are just that kids, and it is going to take them some time to get back into the groove of things. More importantly Jabari had a great 4th quarter and helped provide to spark the Bucks needed late in the game.

This pre-season game showed Bucks fans that there is going to be a lot to cheer about in the upcoming season. I am not saying that this is a playoff team, but what I am saying is that its going to be a hell of a lot more interesting watching a team with a healthy Larry Sanders, a not over weight O.J. Mayo and the two most exciting 19 year olds in the NBA.

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