Milwaukee Bucks NBA 2K15 Ratings

The Milwaukee Bucks have not always gotten the credit that they have deserved on the game NBA 2K. I have been playing the game for about 4 years and never have I seen a Bucks team that wasn’t completely underrated. The fact of the matter is that the Bucks acquiring Jabari Parker has not only made the Milwaukee Bucks relevant in the real NBA, but as well as the virtual NBA below is the ratings for all Milwaukee Bucks players (excluding Chris Wright and Damien Inglis)

79 Brandon Knight

79 Larry Sanders

78 Jabari Parker

77 O.J. Mayo

75 John Henson

75 Khris Middleton

75 Nate Wolters

74 Jared Dudley

74 Giannis Antetokounmpo

74 Jerryd Bayless

74 Kendall Marshall

73 Ersan Ilyasova

69 Zaza Pachulia

67 Johnny O'Bryant

If you played NBA 2K14 like I did you will see that this roster has made huge leaps, and for once the Bucks will be a genuinely exciting team to play with. Finally John Henson is getting the respect that he deserves. Pretty much all of last season John hovered around 65 overall in the game which I think any Bucks fan would grovel at the thought. If there is one player that I think that 2K got completely wrong it is obviously O.J. Mayo. O.J. Mayo came to Milwaukee with a fat contract and an even fatter body for the 2013 season, and even though he has apparently lost some weight the fact that he is 77 overall seems to be a bit much for someone who has just been a glorified shot taker all his life.

All in all, I think that the ratings for the Bucks players in NBA 2K15 have been the best in years. This team might not be a playoff team yet, but at least we can have some fun playing with an exciting young team posed to be better in the future.

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