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Power Rankings round-up: Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo continue to impress

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Each week, we'll provide you with a round-up of the latest Power Rankings and where the Bucks place in them. This week we see mixed results, but lots of praise for the Bucks' two teenagers.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Previous week: The Bucks went 3-1 this week, defeating Minnesota and Detroit (twice), but lost to Houston to close out the week.

CBS Sports

Bucks rank: 17th

Last week: 16th

"Milwaukee throttled Detroit twice this week, which wouldn't be impressive for most teams, but the kids continue to surprise. Houston was a teaching moment regarding the gap between the Bucks and great teams, but Milwaukee is a legit League Pass favorite. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker seem to add something new every game."

Adding something new every game that gets national attention and neither can legally drink for at least another year*.

Bucks rank: 13th

Last week: 16th

"Count on the young Bucks to make history whether or not they maintain their standing as a top-10 defense and build on this Cinderella start. How so? Here you go: Giannis (11.9 PPG) and Jabari (11.9, too) are on course to be the first pair of teenage teammates in NBA annals to score in double figures."

History being made in Milwaukee, no big deal. Totally typical stuff, right?

Sports Illustrated

Bucks rank: 13th

Last week: 15th

"The Bucks were 3-15 at this point last season, making Jason Kidd an early candidate for Coach of the Year. Milwaukee is playing with so much confidence that the usually mild-mannered Giannis Antetokounmpo talked trash to James Harden during a blowout...loss!"

If I had a vote for these types of things, I'd have Kidd fifth on my ballot right now behind Dwane Casey, Dave Joerger, Steve Kerr, and Mike Malone. Where would you put him?

Like every other good Bucks trend, Kidd's coaching ability will be put to the test in December and beyond, but there's no harm in appreciating the job done so far, is there?

SB Nation

Bucks rank: 16th

Last week: 17th

"The Bucks are climbing the power rankings ladder rung by rung. Their ascent is best exemplified by using Giannis Antetokounmpo's insane Eurostep:


Yes, this team is making strides."

*pushes glasses up off nose*

That's technically more of a windmill crossover than a gyro-step, but WHO CARES LOOK AT THAT MOVE. Watch where Nick Johnson (the player who picks up Giannis on the perimeter) ends up on this play. He goes from having decent position to being well out of the play in one swoop. RIP Nick Johnson.

Yahoo Sports

Bucks rank: 16th

Last week: 15th

"Bucks rookie forward Jabari Parker plays at Cleveland for the first time Tuesday. Remember, he preferred to be drafted by the Bucks over the Cavs."

Is this going to be a thing? I doubt that this is going to be a thing.

Bucks rank: 16th

Last week: 17th

"The Bucks' offense has been improved (108 points scored per 100 possessions over their last four games), but Saturday's loss to Houston, in which the Rockets scored 117 points, may have been a bad harbinger as their improved defense starts to really get tested. Nine of their next 15 games are against the league's top six offenses."

Yes, December could be quite difficult and sad. You know what might make you feel better about it? Checking out Troy Sampson's fun FanPost on December and voting on how many wins the Bucks will get!


The 10-8 Bucks averaged a .83 climb in the rankings for an average finish of 15.2. This week they have games at Cleveland, vs. Dallas, vs. Miami, and at Dallas.