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Bucks vs. Clippers: Pregame Quoteboard

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd

On the two days of practice the team has had:

"We talked about defense. We talked about rebounding and transition defense, so the last two days have been really we just need to carry that over."

On matching up with the Clippers:

"Physically, we've got to box them out. Again, being a young team, our technique, us being able to get a body on longer players or athletic players...again, if you don't, it's a dunk or an open three, and that's one of their strengths. So for us, we have to be physical. We're learning how to be physical, but we have to learn how to be physical for 48 minutes."

On Jared Dudley's impact so far:

"He's been great. You talk about a veteran guy. Couldn't ask for a better player and person. You know, being able to help the young guys. One of our weaknesses right now is that we don't talk a lot to one another. [Dudley's] voice carries throughout the gym. I [also] think being professional, working on your craft."

On Chris Paul's vision compared to his:

"His is better. He's got younger eyes."

On relationship with Marc Lasry and Wes Edens:

"They're open. You can call them anytime. They'll call you. Make sure that you take that call. I thought a perfect example of that was Charlotte. They wanted to know why we didn't foul, and I think that's great. Got that out of the way. They wanted to know, we talked about it, and they said okay, perfect. Let's move on and let's build on it. We're all learning, we're all competitors, and we all want to win. I think that's a great combination."

Doc Rivers

On being involved in the process of hiring Marquette Men's basketball coach Steve Wojciechowski:

"I was involved, and it was a tough time. It was actually during that same time (the Donald Sterling remarks). It was crazy being on the phone with all of the people back here at the same time that was going on. I wasn't deeply involved, but I was involved for sure. I like where we ended up, I love WOJO, I think he's going to be phenomenal for us. I think your already seeing the recruiter that he is, and he knew he was inheriting that tough stretch when he got the job. He wants to build a legacy, and I love that as well."

Regarding J.J. Redick's 28-game stint in Milwaukee, and his fit in Los Angeles:

"He had a tough go. J.J. is a byproduct of good ball movement, teams that are unselfish, and that's why you kind of felt like here he would fit (with the Clippers). He would struggle on a team that doesn't move the ball. I thought he would fit great, I think you need guys like J.J. on your team. You just need a guy that in some ways, makes the other team game for other than their stars. When you're playing us, you have to game plan for J.J.,"

On letting Jared Dudley go last season and his healthy bounce-back in Milwaukee so far:

"He can play. Last year he started off injured, then he gets injured again, and he really just never caught up."

"We just had to create (cap space). We really wanted to keep him, he was the one that had the most value, which is not good in some ways. I really believe - and I've said it all summer - he would have a much better year for us this year, but we needed the space just in case, and we really haven't used it yet, but we may need it at some point.

"I just think if you can get a guy on your team that has high character, then he's a good fit, and he has high character."