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The Bucks are dunking all over the first half and it's been GREAT

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucks lead the Los Angeles Clippers 51-42 at the end of the first half. Milwaukee's offense has had a healthy dose of dunks, and IT'S BEEN GREAT. Let's take you through the highlights.

First, we have Giannis feeding Jabari Parker on a nifty no-look pass from just inside half court for the slam.

Okay. Then Giannis took to the post and abused Jamal Crawford, quickly spinning around him and throwing down the dunk.


Off a nice spin and dish from Zaza Pachulia, Giannis made a last-minute stretch for the lefty slam.

It's hard to tell what went through Giannis's head in those few seconds, but Frank offers a solid suggestion.

Next we have Brandon Knight dumping a nice pass off behind the back to Giannis for the fastbreak smash.


Not to be outdone, Jabari Parker caught this nice feed from Kendall Marshall for another breakaway slam.

There's no telling what the second half brings, but we have one request: MORE DUNKS.