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Bucks vs. Clippers: Postgame Quoteboard

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


Jason Kidd

On tonight's win against the Clippers:

"The [Clippers] are well coached, talented and they played until the end. For our group, we played to the end tonight. We played hard tonight, and I thought it was a great carryover from our last two practices. I thought as far as offensive rebounds, we tried to keep them off the boards. There are still some things we can clean up, but as a whole, guys gave a great effort and played hard."

On the matchup between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Matt Barnes:

"Barnes shot the three extremely well. I thought Giannis handled himself well after he got the [techincal foul]. When Barnes is shooting like that, you have to make him put it on the floor. That is something we can look at and get better at."

On Larry Sanders' performance:

"I thought being able to flash Larry catching the ball and being able to finish, but also making plays [was key]. I thought his teammates trusted him, finding him in the paint, being a threat, and he took advantage of that tonight."

Larry Sanders

On the fourth quarter:

"We really had to guard the [3-point] line. They got some threes. They got some threes. They're a really good shooting team. It was sort of getting them off the line, limiting their threes and a lot of layups."

On limiting Blake Griffin to 10 points:

"It's a team thing. Our emphasis is really big on just getting that weak side over. They play a lot of pick and rolls. Definitely defended the ball, controlling it and just getting first, second and third [chance] situations under control so there's no collapse on us [and then] someone's wide open for a dunk."

On playing well at home:

"Our emphasis is to take care of this home court. We've been working really hard. We've had three days off of just going to the gym and putting in work. We have been creating a lot of errors, so hopefully we can just build off this game and keep pushing it forward."

Brandon Knight

On playing against Chris Paul:

"Just to be myself. He is one of [the best], if not the best, guard in our league. I have nothing but high praise for him, but I tried to play my game and make it tough for him. He's a great player, and great players you can't hold down for too long. You just make it as tough as possible."

On closing out games:

"Just by doing things the right way, learning from your mistakes. We've made a lot of mistakes before and lost games in the fourth quarter. We just have to limit our mistakes and makes plays down the stretch."