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All-Star Saturday Night | Fresh off Rising Stars Challenge, Giannis Antetokounmpo looks ahead to Taco Bell Skills Competition

Christian Petersen

The new kid on the block took a while to get acclimated, but eventually he got the hang of it.

Giannis Antetokounmpo's first taste of all-star weekend ultimately didn't present many chances, but his 9 points (3/3 fg, 3/4 ft), 2 boards, 2 assists and a block in Team Hill's 142-136 win still featured a handful of Giannis-worthy highlights. Still wearing a wrap on his sore right wrist, the youngest player in the NBA initially looked oddly low on energy after coming off the bench midway through the first of two 20 minute halves. But it didn't take him too long to gather a pass down low and dunk for his first bucket, adding another layup and two assists before the half.

The second half devolved into a Tim Hardaway/Dion Waiters three-point shooting contest--at one point Waiters was the only Team Hill player to touch the ball on five straight possessions--but Giannis managed to throw down two monster slams in the game's final 10 seconds (though only one of them counted).

As for the remainder of Giannis' weekend, he played the role of prop for his brother Thanasis in the D-League dunk contest this afternoon, though it wasn't enough for Thanasis to make the finals.

Later tonight Giannis closes out his slate of official activities in the Taco Bell Skills Competition, which is the second of the four events comprising All-Star Saturday night. The shooting stars event kicks things off at 7 pm central on TNT, followed by the skills competition, three point shootout and the dunk contest. Jim Paschke checked in with Giannis earlier today during his preparations for the event, which disappointingly involves no tacos.