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Trade Deadline Week Rumor Round-Up | Monday: Teams remain interested in Ilyasova, Ridnour, and...Raduljica?

You don't have to worry about missing out on any of the trade deadline chatter! Brew Hoop has you covered with a nightly round-up of all things Bucks leading up to Thursday's deadline.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

After much discussion and anticipation, trade deadline week is finally upon us. These three-and-a-half days are sure to have us all up in a tizzy with the chatter surrounding the Bucks and their potential moves before Thursday's deadline, and boy it will it be fun. If for some reason you were unable to keep an eagle eye on your Twitter feed or you just occasionally passed out from a nervous energy overload that comes with deadline week, Brew Hoop will keep you up to date on all the latest rumblings each night leading up to Thursday.

Tonight we begin our coverage with a few reports on two names that have already come up in Bucks trade rumors and one more surprising one. It's important to note that much of this is just speculation based on murmurs we've been hearing over the past couple weeks. Until you hear it from one of the of the big time reporters (you can find a general list of those reporters a few paragraphs into this article), don't assume that any deal is in its final stages, and typically not much happens until close to the deadline Thursday afternoon. That is not to say that people won't get their hands on valid information, but just be a little cautious in what you read. There is a big difference between a rumor and an imminent deal, though this week the line seems to inevitably blur. That being said, here is the latest in the Bucks rumormill. | Sam Smith: Ilyasova of interest to Suns?
Reports that Ersan Ilyasova is tired of the continuous roster overhaul and would rather play on a winning team keep on churning, and Sam Smith *speculates* where a potential landing spot might be. If his post is too long for you to want to sift through for the Bucks blurb, here is the meat of it:

[Phoenix has] that big, Okafor expiring deal of about $14 million. Given the circumstances in Milwaukee, there are plenty of long contracts that would make sense moving given their situation.

Ersan Ilyasova supposedly has expressed disappointment and could be a player the Suns can move forward with as a shooting power forward. Maybe the Bucks add Gary Neal, who played well for the Spurs.

The Suns have draft picks to sweeten a deal.

Again, this is just speculation on Smith's part, but Ilyasova and Phoenix have been linked a couple of times in the past few weeks. Though Ilyasova would be a good fit next to Phoenix's playmaking guards, he also seems somewhat redundant on a roster with the Morris twins and Channing Frye already there.  Also consider that Phoenix may not want to hitch themselves to a player with multiple (somewhat expensive) years left on his deal as they make a playoff push while maintaining their flexibility. It seems doubtful that this package from Milwaukee would garner a first-round pick from Phoenix (they have control over four in 2014), but you never know.

Basketball Insiders | Yannis Koutroupis: Spurs would love Ilyasova
Yet another contender that may have an interest in the Turkish triple threat. Koutroupis points out that the Spurs may be willing to sacrifice a (late) first-round pick to get any type of possible asset that can help push them towards one last Finals run. Also, the thought of Ilyasova working under Gregg Popovich sounds incredibly intriguing and dangerous.

Basketball Insiders | Steve Kyler answers Bucks questions

Yahoo! Sports | Marc J. Spears: Ridnour on the move?
In his latest power rankings, Spears suggests that Ridnour is becoming more and more of a target for contending teams looking for a backup point guard to help orchestrate their second unit. That makes a lot of sense, really. Nothing really new there; this just comes from a much more high-profiled reporter. | @DjordeMatic: Mavs, Sixers interested in Raduljica
Though this isn't a report you should probably take too seriously (as far as I can tell from the rough translation the internet provided out of Serbian), it is interesting to hear that teams have an interest in Miroslav--or at least his agent telling foreign papers as much. There doesn't seem to be much of a reason to ship out a guy so early into his professional career for essentially nothing though, so don't count on this going anywhere.