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Trade Deadline Rumor Round-Up | Deadline Day is here! Latest Bucks rumors

The day we've all been waiting for has arrived. With just a few hours left before the trade deadline, catch up on all the latest Bucks rumors here.

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Things continued to escalate on Wednesday, with a pair of deals finally going through and many more rumors picking up steam. Here's where things stand around the league:

And now the latest on the Milwaukee Bucks:

Ersan unlikely to be traded?

Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders reports that while the Bucks have received numerous calls regarding forward Ersan Ilyasova, the team is unlikely to trade him unless they get a generous return. Sources pin the reluctance to part with Ilyasova on owner Herb Kohl's strong support for him. Kohl apparently believe Ilyasova can be a "star player" in the league and is putting pressure on the front office to keep him.

Bucks fans are familiar enough with the interplay between ownership and management to not just brush away a rumor like this, but it's also a bit hard to believe John Hammond is utterly powerless to ship out Ersan if he thinks it's the right move for the franchise. If, on the other hand, Hammond has been underwhelmed by the offers he's seen because he has a higher opinion of Ersan's value, that's something that will need to be re-evaluated down the road.

Gary Neal, the Hottest of the Commodities

Certainly sounds like the Bucks could trade Gary Neal right this minute, but one side is waiting until closer to the deadline to make things official. All signs still point to him getting shipped out before the cutoff.

Sessions has an expiring $5 million deal this season, so don't get too nostalgic about the one-time Buck having a future in Milwaukee. Financially it'd be more attractive to ship Neal to a team that can use a trade exception to absorb his contract rather than ship salary back (Golden State, OKC fit the bill here), though bringing back Sessions would also give the Bucks the kind of short-term guard depth that might embolden them to deal Luke Ridnour (more on that below).

Bucks possibly interested in Steve's favorite player

According to Chad Ford, writing in his chat on Wednesday, New Orleans may be open to moving future superstar Austin Rivers, though their primary focus is dumping their other high-priced guards. The Bucks are apparently among the teams interested. Rivers has definitely improved this season, cutting his turnover rate while increasing his assist and free-throw rates, but he remains woefully inefficient (46.3 TS%) despite decent 3PT shooting (35.6%). With two more reasonably-priced seasons left on his rookie contract and RFA after that, he'd be an interesting player to take a flyer on, but probably not one worth giving up any more than a middling asset for.

Ridnour has suitors, but might stay put?

In light of this report, Frank has nominated Luke Ridnour for the First Annual Sam Dalembert Memorial Guy That The Bucks Don't Trade When All Logic Suggests They Can And Should Award. Looks like a shoo-in for the SDMGTTBDTWALSTCASA right now.