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Report: Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour dealt to Bobcats for Ramon Sessions and Jeff Adrien

After much speculation, the Bucks have found a landing spot for a couple of their veteran players.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

There had been PLENTY of speculation as to where disgruntled combo guard Gary Neal might end up during this trade deadline. Well, now we finally have an answer:

Neal was rumored to be on the trading block since early January after he got into a locker room argument with Larry Sanders following an embarrassing loss to the Phoenix Suns. Neal averaged 10 ppg with 36 percent shooting from three in his time with Milwaukee, but never seemed to fit in like management thought he would when they signed him to that 2-year/$6.5m deal.

Paired with Neal in the outgoing package is Luke Ridnour, who was also rumored to be on his way out for some time. Ridnour made a surprise appearance in the Bucks starting lineup at the turn of the new year, but his average play paired with a ''hey, this Nate Wolters kid is younger, cheaper, and probably better than Luke...maybe we should play him" line of thinking took charge, deeming Ridnour on this team pretty irrelevant.

This will be Sessions' second stint with the Bucks. He was with Milwaukee from 2007-2009, where he tallied 24 assists in a game. CAN THAT MAGIC BE RE-LIVED? Probably not, but Sessions can do a little more than just shoot threes and his deal comes off the books in the summer ($5m remaining). So, however inconsequential the headlining swap between Sessions and Neal seems, it saves the Bucks a little bit of money without any real harm being done. Cool?

Also coming to Milwaukee is 6-7 forward Jeff Adrien, who won't provide much of a contribution outside of rebounding and hustle, which is actually okay. He is pretty undersized for a power forward, but uses his muscle and high motor to grab boards and..well, grab boards mostly. Nevertheless, his $916k contract also comes off the books at the end of the season.


And I mean very quick. The Bucks let two players who had no part of the future go to a team that was willing to take them, and got players back that didn't hurt the books or the direction of the roster. The deal won't excite you, but a return of Neal and Ridnour honestly shouldn't have. Moving on.