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2014 NBA Draft Podcast: Andrew Wiggins and Tricky Issues of Upside

In part one of our NBA Draft podcast with Dean Demakis of, we discuss Andrew Wiggins and the tricky issue of upside.

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As we wait for the NBA Draft Lottery to unfold and reveal the precise placement of the top-5 pick for the Milwaukee Bucks, it's only natural to dream about the golden egg set to hatch on draft night. Visions of Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Dante Exum, and Marcus Smart dance gracefully in our heads and highlight reels dance across our computer screens. It's finally okay to dream big.

We know a lot about this NBA Draft class, but I wanted to expand our horizons a bit and discuss big picture issues regarding the draft with Dean Demakis (@deanondraft on Twitter) of

In the first of our three (or maybe four) episodes, Dean, Frank Madden, and I discuss Andrew Wiggins and the tricky issue of evaluating his upside. Is the Paul George development track viable? What's the big deal about performing well in transition and worse in half court action? What type of NBA comparisons make sense based on his current skill level? What does it mean that Marcus Smart defended him so well? How does Joel Embiid's progress and development compare to what track Wiggins is on now? We attempted to answer each of these questions and plenty more in the episode embedded below.

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Here's a look at the latest Big Board from Dean (as of Feb. 17, with prospect age listed as of draft night), via his site: