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Podcast | Talking Bucks rebuild, Brandon Knight, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the 2014 draft

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday I had the pleasure of talking all things Bucks with James Plowright and Nick Denning of The Lottery Mafia, hitting on a host of topics including:

  • Bucks fans' complicated relationship with Herb Kohl and the battle to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee;
  • The development of Brandon Knight and how he may or may not fit into the Bucks' long-term future;
  • Whether too much pressure has been put on the shoulders of Giannis Antetokounmpo;
  • What Larry Sanders' difficult season may mean for his future in Milwaukee;
  • Whether Jabari Parker is the best fit for the Bucks at the top of the draft
Speaking of podcasts: let us know in the comments what you'd like us to cover in our next podcasts. More draft fun? A revisiting of the Bucks' core? A preview of what we'd like to see from the Bucks going into the draft and the free agency period?  As always, give us your questions and #HOTSPORTSTAKES in the comments and we'll try to cover as many of them as possible in our next podcast.