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Bucks reportedly will sign D.J. Stephens to 10-day contract

It's hard to say where the 6'5'' power forward (yes, power forward) will fit in when he signs, but who cares? DUNKS, guys!

The 10-day contract carousel keeps chugging along for the Bucks.

After Tony Mitchell and Chris Wright had their cups of coffee in Milwaukee, former Memphis forward D.J. Stephens is reportedly going to sign a 10-day contract with the club on Wednesday. Stephens has spent the past year playing for the Greek club Ilisiakos after not being selected in last summer's draft. After averaging 9.8 points and 8.8 rebounds in just under 30 minutes a game during his time there, Stephens came back over to the U.S. in hopes of taking the next step in his career.

Though Stephens is only 6'5'' and somewhere around 200 lbs, he is listed as a PF on DraftExpress. Yes, you read that right; a 6'5" power forward. Stephens will use his long wingspan and record-setting athleticism to his advantage in the paint, but his perimeter skills are well behind the rest of his game, as documented by DraftExpress before last year's draft.

Stephens made his mark before he even stepped onto the floor for the competitive portion of the workout with his freakish athletic testing results, measuring the highest no-step and max-vertical leap in the history of our database, at 40 and 46 inches respectively, as well as the fifth best ¾ court sprint time ever. He put the entire scouting section on the edge of their seat any time he touched the ball as you could collectively hear virtually the entire gym holding their breath to see what he would do next. With that said, Stephens reiterated in New Jersey that he is for the most part a very limited basketball player at this stage. He sports a very ugly flat-footed jump-shot that he struggles to make with any real consistency and is a crude ball-handler who can't do much outside of attacking the rim in a straight line.

Stephens spent some time guarding the perimeter, with limited success, looking much more comfortable around the rim where he can use his 7-foot wingspan and freakish explosiveness to challenge and reject shots. While he made some very impressive plays getting off the floor for blocks and offensive rebounds, that might be somewhat of a challenge in the NBA considering he measured just 6-4 ½ without shoes, and weighed in at only 194 pounds.

His highlights will likely only come in one very specific area of the game, but WHO CARES? Dunks are cool. I mean..seriously, how can you not get excited about..






I am excited.