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Podcast: Talking Bucks ownership, Herb Kohl and GM John Hammond

In Part 1 of a podcast binge, Steve and Frank discuss the transition of ownership and why Bucks GM John Hammond may be on thin ice.


With new (prospective) owners Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens set to take over the Milwaukee Bucks franchise when NBA owners formally approve the $550 million sale agreement sometime in May, there's certainly a lot to talk about regarding the future direction of the organization. Generating support and momentum for a downtown arena is the largest and most important issue for Lasry and Edens to tackle when they officially step in as Bucks owners, but building a framework for better basketball operations will also certainly be high on their list.

In Part 1 of a Brew Hoop podcast binge, Steve von Horn and Frank Madden discuss the transition of ownership and how new leadership could restructure the front office moving forward. After we take an important moment to stop and appreciate the best traits of Heb Kohl, the conversation turns to how to apportion blame for constructing the worst team in the NBA and what can be done to develop a better process to move the franchise forward.

Is GM John Hammond the proper "fall guy" heading into the summer? Is Herb Kohl to blame for bad free agent signings and trades made during Hammond's tenure? Is Hammond the only guy who can take credit for a solid draft record? We open up this mystery box and explore what could happen heading into the all important 2014 NBA Draft. (Part 2 will expand on this topic, so get off to a good start by listening to the episode posted below!)

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